Work with me

Want to work with me?
Awesome! I’d love to discuss your needs and see what I can do. Send me a vibration to my iPhone via +46 (0) 707193549¬†or email me at You can also contact me on Linkedin.

Why work with me?
Besides being highly educated (B.A. + M.Sc.), I bring you a load of skills based on realtime work experience, paired with a deep understanding of culture and a lifelong passion for writing. In case you haven’t done it yet, download my full CV here.

What’s the price tag?
No hidden costs. Before I start working on a project with you, we discuss all costs. These will remain fixed unless you change the project size. I can charge by hour, day or project – depending on your preferences and my availability. Contact me to discuss project costs.

I’m a registered sole trader in Stockholm, Sweden. Of course, I have a Swedish P-number.