Nicole Alexandra Michaelis

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Content Strategy and UX copy for Along

Along is a digital reflection tool that makes it easier for educators to check in one-on-one with each student. Along is part of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

My role: Content Strategist and UX Writer

Engagement length: 14 months

Scope: I was the sole Content Strategist/UX Writer for Along and worked on the entire product and website. However, I will only be sharing the educator onboarding as an example here.

Teacher onboarding experience for Along

Audience: Teachers (middle school)

What?: This is the onboarding flow for teachers that first sign up.

Stakeholders: Design team, Marketing team, PM, Teachers (via extensive User testing)

Goal: Launch V1

Challenges: How can we make onboarding as fast and easy as possible while also ensuring we keep up with legal constraints (such as informing guardians) and explaining core concepts such as how reflections work?

Basic process: Develop Tone and Voice > User research > Plan > Design/Copy > Prototype > Test > Design/Copy adjustments > Test > Copy adjustments

Tools: Figma

Medium: Web app, Website, Resources, Presentations, Messaging

Outcome: Increased onboarding completion by 26%.

Along onboarding first step

Along onboarding tasks

Along onboarding more info

Making a friction step smooth.

Time for step 2!

Introducing the questions concept for the first time.

Introduxing recording.

Final step!

Inviting students is an essential step to use Along. We wanted to make it as easy as can be.

All done!