About Me

About Me

Born in Germany, my family moved to the US when I was a toddler. I was raised bilingually, went to a regular American school during the day and had private German lessons in the evening.

This equipped me with full native proficiency in both languages. I loved growing up in New York and never quite felt at home again in Germany when I moved back many years later. It came as no surprise that in 2014, I decided to leave again and move to Sweden where I have settled (for now).

Having my own business and working independently has always fascinated me.

It was the main reason I decided to study something business-related. I could write already, time to learn something to turn it into a living. I believe I bring the perfect mix of storytelling and user-focus to the table. Yes, I'm dedicated to telling great stories, but being an analytical person, I never not kill my darlings to improve performance and usability.

All my work experience comes from an international environment. I've not only worked in different countries, but also with people from many different cultures. Today, I consider myself an expert in culture - a valuable skill that helps me create relevant content for any target audience and lead with empathy.

I was the first kid that learned how to read in my class. I spent my weekends competing in reading competitions (it was cool in the 90s) and my summer holidays going through as many books as I possibly could. I wrote poems for my grandmas and short stories for my friends. I clearly remember when I first started writing, but I don't remember ever stopping.


I connect the dots between your product and a global audience.


I create meaningful content and copy to improve UX.


I'm a creative mind that shares and executes ideas without hesitation.